Monday, November 3, 2008

Big Night

Election night is finally upon us!

My fellow Americans, we have endured months and months of non-stop newsfeed not only from television, radio and newspapers, but also, and perhaps most tryingly, from those we hold most dear.

Not only have I seen and heard my very own friends and family become political junkies, I myself do not claim to have come through this election unscathed. I've chuckled at a Sarah Palin joke or five, I've got Obamagirl on my iPod. I'm only human.

If you've somehow missed my not-so-subliminal message I've been blaring thus far in todays post, here's what.

Thank the Lord this is over. Let's all have parties exactly like this post-- that is to say Absolutely Bubbling over with Champagne! Do everyone a solid and spring for the good stuff. We have more then earned it!


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