Friday, December 16, 2011


Ok, so I will admit just right off the bat : these Christmas cookies are a little (a lot) SandraLeeSemiHomemade-ish. But they are incredibly adorable, and as obviously a once-a-year highly processed indulgence, I think they are a-ok.

Easy as pie, they are all fun and festive and zero mess or hassle. They're totally awesome! You really don't need a recipe, all you do it melt some white chocolate and dip nutter butters in it. Decorate. Repeat. Heck, I don't even recommend that you eat them!

See, I even committed the cardinal sin of chocolate - I put them in the fridge! Then again, white chocolate is considered by many to be the cardinal sin of chocolate, so maybe it's a wash.

All I know is they're adorable and bursting with Christmas Cheer. Maybe you might eat one, it'd taste pretty good with some whiskey-d up egg nog....

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Thanksgiving, last minute, with friends. Macy's parade, coffee, turkey prep (David's handiwork), long walk...

Excellent wine (thanks Morgan!)

Low key, tasty, fun.

gingerbread cookies with Jessica + boatloads of Christmas music, after a bloody mary & a trip to the Lower East Side's infamous jungle of sugar, Economy Candy...

CANDY destined to become little gingerbread men buttons and cookie tree lights.

We had a christmas party! It was very necessary to have a party this year of all years. A bad year calls for a really good party, so I decorated my heart out, as best I could.

Made plenty of food, with reckless disregard for health or moderation.

Those cookies again! They were gleefully devoured, much to my - and I'd venture the cookies as well - great delight.

I would have taken a picture of the vat of velveeta dip on the stove but it was sort of hard to get a good picture with all the people constantly crowding around it/ having velveeta dip fights...David and Stephen I am looking at you.

But all was quickly forgiven. After all, there was plenty velveeta to go around, as is always the case with cheese products at Miranda&David hosted events.

OH! And I made Mai Tais, from SCRATCH! Which means I spent a large portion of the afternoon juicing limes! I'd complain, but this is what underemployment means - and I accept that. Plus they smelled really really good.

I encouraged people to take drink umbrellas. I believe that drink umbrellas are a really essential element of a Good Party. They're so cheap they're almost free, and they are absolutely no work at all to put out. They're INSTANTLY festive and make people happy. They are a must, in my opinion. Lots of partybang for your buck. Umbrellas!

Final Product!


So I messed around a bit with a few different recipes and ended up with these proportions :

Miranda's Mele Kalikimaka Mai Tai!

2 parts Rum
1 part Lime Juice
1/2 part almond syrup (I just put a little bit of almond extract in simple syrup)
1/2 part cointreau
1/4 + part Orange Juice (to taste)

i don't need to tell you that this is a strong drink, as are all properly made tiki drinks, so FILL those cups with lots of crushed up ice. Enjoy!