Monday, September 28, 2009


(mn-htn, mn-)
1. A borough of New York City in southeast New York, mainly on Manhattan Island at the north end of New York Bay. Peter Minuit of the Dutch West Indies Company bought the island in 1626 from the Manhattan Indians, supposedly for $24 worth of merchandise. The settlement of New Amsterdam, renamed New York when the English assumed control in 1664, quickly spread from the southern tip of the island, eventually becoming the financial and commercial center of the United States.

Play was the sole purpose of this particular Monday. In fact, I propose that play should be the purpose of every Monday from here on out. At least as long as I live in this pounding, pulsing heart of a city.

Determined to start at the obvious beginning as a tourist in my own city, heading up todays itinerary was Battery Park, the glorious Empire State Building and a speakeasy of sorts, with a little wiggle room here and there. Sunshine pouring in our windows this morning helped to get the day going a little sooner than usual, and with the exemplary Empire State of Mind on repeat in our heads and our MetroCards in hand, we headed out!

Sitting at the very tip of Manhattan, Battery Park is already pretty dramatic place. Choppy, glittering waters of the Atlantic crash up against the Pier (Peir 1, hahaha. I'm such a nerd), and then you look up and she's just sort of there.

Smaller than I expected, the Statue of Liberty is powerful in a way that few other things are, not to state the obvious or anything.

The weather started to cloud up a bit, and we really wanted to get to the top of the Empire State Building before the forecast thunderstorms, so we hopped the 1 train up to Penn station! Phew all that transit hopping and sightseeing left us in need of a pick me up, which lead to my second Pumpkin Ale of the season.

By the way, it was hugely more delicious than the first, which really surprised me seeing as this pub was actually inside the ESB and thus assumed to be an icky tourist trap.

Despite the very kind warnings of the neon vested vendors out front (who promised that the special express tickets they sold for just twice the price of a regular ticket)we were zipping up the 86 floors to the top of the city before we knew it! Apparently Monday afternoon is an excellent time to go. Who knew!

What I found most striking up there was the peace and quiet. It was almost like being in church, and everyone around you is worshiping at the alter of Quintessential Manhattan. Maybe they just want a better view of Central park. Maybe they're reliving a marriage proposal, or showing their kids something new and special. Or maybe they just want a moment of calm, a chance to grasp a city that can be so elusive.

Personally, I'm rather partial to the Chrysler Building.

Back on the ground, I found that I just couldn't resist the pull of H&M. Poor David was quite patient, so as a reward I took us out for an absolutely cocktail to toast our day on the town.

By the time the F popped us out at 14th street, rain was posatively spilling down on us. Thankfully, the Flatiron Lounge is cozy and luscious and it made me sort of feel like Nora Charles, which is exactly what I want to feel like all the time, most especially at the end of a long day. Doesn't everyone?

David sipped blissfully away at his usual, a lovely sidecar. Best he'd ever had! And for me, a lovely spritz of a drink called a Lullaby- Apricot eau de vie, bubbles and a little whisper of Absinthe.

A perfect New York day. There really isn't anyplace I'd rather be, and that's quite a nice thing to feel.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A lot all at once

Between school and work I am totally fried.Things will surely be better soon, as I'll likely be quitting said job tomorrow (details to come pending coherency) which I know sounds sad and drastic is actually something I've found enlightening and even quite empowering!!

However, I do still love you little blog, and have thought of you often! See, here's photographic evidence!

Firstly, I was here:

having the first Pumpkin Ale of the season, a little pick me up before class...

with this guy:

Wondering how you become fabulous enough to live here:

So much to think about! We're getting more settled by the day and though much is not perfect, I finally have a kitchen I can really cook in. To celebrate, I procured myself a little bit of a treat, namely these lovelies:

and I chopped them up with my fancy pink knives and turned them into this:

topped with this:

and there you have it! I got more pleasure out of that simple act then any meal out we've had yet, even Shake Shack!! (which as you saw is saying a lot!)

Well, sorry to be of so few words, graduate school seems to demand most of my word-use ability these days, but once I get in the swing of things, watch out!! I'll be back in force, NYC style!

Monday, September 7, 2009


Shake shack shake shack shake shack! I'd like to thank the fine folks over at Ed Levine's mahhhhvelous website, Serious Eats, for informing me of the fact that the Upper West Side outpost of the Shake Shack was serving up this Labor Day treat :

That's right, the Most Delicious Corn Dog You Have Ever Had. I ordered with guilt-free abandon as we had trekked all the way across the Brooklyn Bridge this morning in our Lazy day wanderings. Mmmm I love my new home.

During and after the blissful ingestion, I could be heard mumbling 'Perfect Ratio, Perfect Ratio', which pretty much sums up the experience. Really nice ratio of beefy, seasony hot dog + crispy on the outside, slightly creamy corny on the inside shell = Happy Me.

A few bites of the unbeatable classic rounded out this perfect Labor day repast.

Thanks, D. You're the best, even if I only got one bite.

School starts tomorrow, and I'm feeling quite fortified! Cheers!

No Sleep Til. . .


Well, we're here! We've already been here a week actually, and it's taken that long for us to get settled enough just to have an actual place to sit in our apartment that is comfortable enough to perch on for long enough to write this blog! (How many times can I say 'enough' in one sentance?)

Phew! But I haven't forgotten you yet, my dear blog, and I even took a few pictures of our new life here.

The first meal cooked in our apartment! Salade Nicoise, or as we call it, Stuffy Salad. And wine of course!

Speaking of, there is a wine shop on EVERY LAST corner here in New York, which really assisted in making me feel welcome and at home.

Seriously though, I've got to admit, I'm pretty proud of us. This is a big move, two west coasters making a new life for themselves here in the Big Apple. I know it's an old tune, but it's quite something. We're growing up before our very eyes! New York City feels like a test, and I know it's too early, but I have a sneaking suspicious we're going to pass. Thanks to a few good friends, our apartment has been thouroughly warmed and even reheated!

All in all, I'd say we're pretty lucky. I can't wait to see where this ride takes us.