Sunday, February 22, 2009

I can have whatever I like. . . .

Or so says T.I. in my new favorite song. Did I tell you I have horrid taste in music?

Glitz-ishly festive was my mood this past Thursday as I closed up shop at the end of a long and pleasantly busy day. The song "Whatever you like" was playing on my ipod, further encouraging me towards lush excess.

Dreamily scrub scrub scrubbing away at the dishes, I remembered that the Oscars-- as lush and glitzy event if there ever was one-- were coming up and it would be a good thing if had a festive cocktail ready. Also,and better still, I'd best TEST said cocktail recipe immediately and without delay. An excuse for instant gratification! Yes please!

Now, in the interest of journalistic integrity, I feel you should know that I stole this straight from Gourmet online. However, I don't feel like anyone reads that stuff except for me, so my writing about the cocktail is really more like doing the beverage a favor seeing as it's delicious and people should know that.

Phew. Ok, so it's called the Meryl Streep and if you really want to know why, go to and look it up. I'd say it really doesn't matter, all you need to know is that it tastes like a glittering night sky in a glass and it looks like one too.

Simple and dreamy, this has only 3 ingrediants. No muddling, steeping, shaking, stirring, nothing. Just bubbly (I used that fabulous CRISTALino stuff), Goldschlager and Benedictine ( I used B&B because it was available in a not-giant bottle that suited me). In my dreams of this cocktail there would be a goldfleck to adorne each and every soaring bubble in the glass, but don't get too hung up on that because it is unlikely to happen that way. The color is gorgeous and the sipping will leave you mesmerized. You'll have stars in your eyes no matter what.


adapted from

1tsp Goldschlager
1tsp B&B
Plenty of Bubbly

Measure the Goldschlager and B&B into lovely flutes, top with bubbly. Be star-struck.

serves 1.

Here's a little picture, with a rose, for cheese factor. It is Oscar night after all.

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