Monday, April 20, 2009

MIA. . .

An artist I greatly enjoy, as well as what I have been of late. Please accept an true and sincere apology from the bottom of my heart. Would you like a list of lame excuses, or I can cut to the chase and simply show you what has lured me back?

Recipe Style!!

Take a bunch of These:

Add this:

Back to life! Spring is blooming here in Portland, and not a day too soon. I hope it is blooming where you are too, and that it treats you as sweetly as it has me. Mountains of morels and fiddlehead ferns made a dreamy meal tonight, along with the ubiquitous rounder- outer of all great meals; bread and butter.

In other news, and part of the reason I've been away for a bit, is this;

I know, I know, I said no lists of excuses, but I'm pretty excited about this particular distraction so you'll have to forgive me yet again. I'll be moving away from my beloved Portland, and there is no Spring bounty luscious enough to change my mind. Thus, morellobello will go on, a different but hopefully still lovely animal!

Happy Spring! Let's eat it up!

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Chelsea said...

I'm so excited for you and your adventures at NYU. We absolutely must make a date for before you leave! Love!