Friday, May 21, 2010


I have gained 8lbs. 10 since my perfect happy place, and 8 since we moved out here. Confirmed today by my trusty new scale.

Ugh. What's a girl to do? Obviously, this cannot be tolerated. So, I thought I'd use you, dear reader, as a sounding board and check-system. I'm no-carbing it(sort of phase one of South Beach), and your job is to keep me honest. I'm not really too worried about it. I like and eat a lot of vegetables anyway, and dessert isn't ever very tempting. Plus, you can still eat good things like CHEESE when low-carbing it up, so that's something. Honestly, and I realize this might ring the alarm bells for some, the hardest thing to give up is drinks.

We don't drink at home much, not regularly anyway, but when we meet friends, it's usually for drinks at the super awesome pub down the street which I love with passion. And though I can still join David and co. there, I will be the weirdo drinking soda water. That's going to be sort of a pain. But small sacrifice for having my body back, and I've been missing it for a few months now.

What's odd is I really don't know how I gained the weight, it just sort of happened. Regardless, I know for a fact that low-carbing it works, and so I am going to stick to it! I'm in CRAZY intense summer classes for the next couple weeks, so its not like I was going to have that much fun anyway...

Well, you didn't really need to know all that, but I thought maybe writing it for all the world to see might make me stick to this for the whole 2 weeks that I hope to. So thanks. I'll still write about fun stuff and food etc. - maybe more than before! Or not...

I considered this regime, but ultimately decided it sounded a little dicey and with this 8lbs and bikini season looming, I couldn't afford to mess around.

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Chelsea said...

Oh dear, not drinking doesn't sound like fun. I'm not one for low-carbing, but the only diet I follow in general is to avoid migraine trigger foods...which ends up being fairly healthy (and low in alcohol consumption for the most part). Lately, it's all about the Greek yogurt with blueberries/walnuts for breakfast. Probably not low fat, but low carb!

Good luck though! And do share any healthy/awesome meals you come up with! Scotland is like the capital of fried food, so it's nice to have lighter inspiration.