Saturday, July 17, 2010

Recent Events

(old magazine page on display at Magnolia)

We just waved farewell to David's parents, who spent this past week visiting us here in our fair city! It was their first trip, and I made the itinerary of a LIFETIME (read: it is possible I will never physically be able to do this again) which can be summed up by the following :

Eat. Walk walk walk. Eat. Drink. walk walk walk. EAT. Walk walk look point walk. Sleep.

repeat. x7.

PHEW! It was a lovely visit but I think it's fair to say we wore each other out!

A pictorial summary:

Tiffanys - all four floors of it - was a must do for the ladies, naturally.

Magnolia is a very good place to have a snack. Further evidence:

Nothing says "we're MEN" like eating cupcakes.

Us ladies have more delicate tastes, like these caviar-topped lobster salad bites we enjoyed during high tea at the Plaza.

Oh, and we stopped at Momofuku Ssam bar, which is basically a must. It was alright I guess....

Oysters - small and perfect. Oceany depths.

Uni in oyster crema. If the oysters were the briny deep, this was sea foam.

Buttermilk panna cotta. Tangy and savory, almost cheese-like. In a dreamy fuji apple dashi with pine nuts.

Chantrelles and pickled quail eggs with shavings of bone marrow- it may look ugly here, but believe me it was anything but.

We also hit up: ABC kitchen, Les Halles, Shake Shack, Chelsea Market, 53rd and 6th, Barrio, JoeDoe, Tom's in Brooklyn, Balthazar, etc etc. And that's just the food. We ate Nathan's on Coney Island, and burgers at the Statue of Liberty. We just about melted in the sun at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. We didn't see one single celebrity, in spite of my best efforts. We ate Persian food at David's boss's house. We drove each other nuts and laughed really hard all the time. We shopped, played, walked, walked more, drank and then we really laughed hard.

We had a blast.

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Chelsea said...

Touristing is TIRING, but oh so fun. I love the Tiffany's typewriter!