Tuesday, May 17, 2011

There are those who call me....


Because I done GRADUATED to day!

I celebrated with a couple Levain Bakery Cookies IMMEDIATELY following the fab ceremony at the Beacon Theater. YUM YUM

Said cookies - said gooey and gigantic cookies - were quite quickly chased (as quickly as the C train ever is) by a glass of Billecart- Salmon 2000 at the Bubble Lounge. Don't mind if I do!


You can call me Miranda Rake, Food Studies MA.

OR as David and I decided upon over our SCRUMPTIOUS celebration dinner < PAUSE FOR PICTURES >






at Locanda Verde I will also accept the following :

Miranda Rake, NFSPH* MA, NYU, NYC, U.S.A, P.E.**, SSMW***, U.****

Basically I'm the coolest ever and I am a lot like what you might think of as a Princess of the world now so that's neat and you should definitely think of me that way.

* NFSPH : Nutrition, Food Studies, Public Health
** PE : Planet Earth
***SSMW : solar system milky way
**** U : Universe


Chelsea said...

Oh, I am SO thrilled for you! And what a way to celebrate...feeling more than a little jealous over here! Congratulations, Pitchfork!!!

wananling said...

Congratulations!!! Love the spirit of the pictures and the vicarious pleasures of the food and drink...

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Those onion rings look yummy! If you're like me and don't like the onions on the inside, look for Onion Crunch! It's crispy, fried onions (without the actual onion inside), though the product is made from 100% real onions. Now I sound like I'm doing a commercial, but these things are truly addictive!

Check it out at www.onioncrunch.com.