Sunday, May 24, 2009

Food + Friends + Movie


As a member of the service industry, my very longest and busiest day of the week is Saturday. I open up in the morning and am on my poor little feetsies for 9 hours straight. In truth, it flies by, and it is actually a very pleasant way to spend 9 hours, especially when the regulars come by and there are no wild rushes of demanding strangers. I'm sure you understand.

But, however enjoyable the day is, I am often a useless pile of hunger and grump when my very sweet (and by 7pm on Saturday, very well rested) dear David comes to pick me up. Try as I might, I never seem to believe that my mood is a bit compromised and I certainly haven't got a clue what I truely need to lift my spirits.

Hmm, yes that might work. . .

Thankfully, I find myself surrounded by people who know me better then I know myself- but don't quote me on that, especially right when I get off work as I have been known to bite. Anyway, I have these whacky people in my life who really seem to care about my well-being lovingly bring me back, defrosting my smile with the tried and true food and drink...

Warm summer night, windows open, family, friends, food. Is there absolutely anything better? So easily acheieved- a quick few phone calls, take-out, a few bottles of something cold and easy. I am one lucky lady.

Peace and happieness are truly attainable. May you find some of both tonight.

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Chelsea said...

Mmm...I miss Tara Thai. The other night I spent hours at a party talking about Portland restaurants with a Portland foodie.