Thursday, May 28, 2009

Midnight Snack

The truth about my eating habits. . . REVEALED!

Time to come clean. I have a deep and undying devotion to certain low-brow pleasures. Gossip Girl, cheap-o super crunch pickles (usually the supermarket brand), and fried potatoes in most any form. Usually with- go easy on me, this is pretty tough to admit- ranch dressing. Ranch! Oh Ranch, why can I never say no!?

MMmmm, so good and so bad. It's just so love hate with Ranch and I- so Blair and Chuck.

I digress.

So when, more often then I probably ought to, I find myself scavenging around in the kitchen for a midnight snack, my beloved combo of crunchy fried potato and cool creamy counterpart often tip toes its way into the front of my brain.

Vanity really has no place in the life of a true gourmand. This I know. That said, I would like to keep my girlish figure as long as possible thank you very much, and a midnight hunt through the fridge is not this time to indulge one's inner gourmand. Quite the opposite. Thus I care to neither fry up a batch of frites nor keep a bottles of things like ranch dressing in the house.

Still, a girl wants what she wants and she pretty much must have it (or an satisfactory approximation) so I've discovered an extremely delicious solution that I am so very pleased to share with you in the following photo essay. . . It's pretty self-explanatory, and quite adaptable.

Don't knock it till you try it. . .


Chelsea said...

You would come up with something like that. I'll have to think about this...

LeLo said...

The natural, low fat cottage cheese balances out the chips. Right? Right.