Monday, February 15, 2010

Anatomy of a Snow Day

As two born and raised Portland kids, we know what to do when it starts to snow and they say a blizzard is coming. Run outside and look at it, even if its 2 am! Better yet, walk to the pub and see who else is excited and talk about it with them! Excited! About snow, and going out for drinks at 2am! Point 1 for NYC!

When you wake up the next day, you don't have to go to work because it snowed so much! Ohh, wait, this is New York. Actually, a lot of people have to go to work. But I remedied that by calling in sick. Yep. When life gives you a blizzard, take a Snow Day! We head out in search of breakfast as the blizzard picks up...

Hello, snowy friend!

Just a few blocks and a lot of snow-walking away, we get to the good old Purity Diner! Our first time visiting an all-day breakfast place just 4 blocks away?! What the heck is wrong with us?! Well, all was soon to be set right.

Diner breakfasts are very reassuring. Everybody knows that. Ahhhhhh....

David wasn't that hungry, so he just ordered the "Lumberjack".

Pancakes are better when they're wrapped around ham.

Cloudy-headed and warm-bellied, we wandered back out into the snow, which had continued to cover the world in its chilly blanket. Brrr.

But on the upside, right as we wandered out, David's phone rang and he was told he didn't have to come into work because Starbucks-Starbucks!- was going to close early due to the weather! Whoo hoo! This is the back of his head, so it's hard to see how excited he was, but I'm not generally allowed to photograph him in the face so it'll have to do.

Coffee? A little productivity? Yes please! I love graduate school, where sitting at a coffee shop and reading a really interesting book is called "productivity".

We had a nice view of the "WINTER BLAST", which was super cool. We also had a nice view of a cluster of park slope mafia types. Which was less cool, but sort of funny. Check out this mom-diss that I overheard:

Alpha Mom: Wow hi it's nice to finally meet you!
Scared, new Mom: Hi! This is *insert silly babyname here*!
A.Mom: Awww. How old?
S.Mom: 3 months
A.Mom: Wow, its really brave of you to bring her out in this weather.


After a pleasant little snow walk, we decided that the sun was heading in that downward direction which meant but one thing. Homeward!To the Couch, to Blankets, to Mad Men, to whisky! To one terrific Snow Day!



Chelsea said...

This sounds like the absolute best snow day ever! We missed the big blizzard over here by retreating to the it looks like rain, rain, rain for us until spring shows up!

Mariko said...

BTW - I know I am like a month late on this, but I really enjoy Purity Diner. And Sean got the Lumberjack too....