Thursday, February 4, 2010

Flushing Field Trip!

Since David started working at Starbucks, days off together have become few and precious. Today was one of those glorious days, and after a good sleep-in we rallied ourselves and Brennan (our dear P-town friend) towards Flushing and food! Carrie, our super awesome new friend who a)sleeps in as late as we do and b) has a car, not only came along, but offered us a ride too, saving us a good 90 minute subway ride! Amazing!

After a rather lengthy ride, we found ourselves at last in the infamous Flushing! Oh my goodness, we may as well have been in Beijing! It was a total-immersion sort of experience. Every sign was in Chinese, red lanterns hung from anything you can hang something on, and we were the only caucasians in sight, all of which I found at once comforting and dislocating. Oh, and it gave me VERY good feelings about what we were about to eat....

Xi'an Famous Foods is pretty famous in the Yelp circles I move in-digitally speaking of course. Located in the uniquely-titled Golden Mall, Xi'an got its big break with Anthony Bourdain touted its virtues on No Reservations. The little stall had about 3 tables and teeny little stools, and the friendliest proprietor ever. We felt REALLY out of place, but he not only welcomed us, pointing to the picture of Anthony Bourdain shaking his hand, he also started telling us what to order right away; "D1, B2, D4. You like!" We stopped at three to save room for tastes from other stalls, but we could have gladly sat there eating all day long.

These hand pulled rice noodles were served cold and spicy with lots of crunchy bean sprouts and slivers of cucumbers. They were refreshing and hot hot hot! Yuuuum.

Next up, these equally sinus clearing lovelies are the same rice noodles served hot this time with cumin and lamb. Oooo yes.

This "lamb burger" was a must have according to my fellow yelpers. Tasty though it was, I think it's not a must. Very delicious though!

In the aftermath, I used the handy little spoons to slurp up that spicy stuff that was left. Mmm hmm!

Next up, fried pork dumplings, with plenty of chives. We meant to have just one order, but they didn't understand us AT ALL and vice versa so we ended up with two orders. At 12 for $3, it wasn't really a problem, except maybe for our waistlines...

Scallion pancakes. Fried Dough, can you ever go wrong!?!? If I lived closer to this neighborhood, these are the things that would do me in because I would get one every time I walked by. Carrie orders like a pro- 4 steamed buns for $1.25, yes! Fresh Scallion pancakes for $1 a piece? We'll take 4!

The pancakes were almost too hot to handle, but that didn't stop us! Steam billowed out as we ripped into them, and they were crispy on the outside, doughy, scallion heaven.


Happy People! Ready to head home...


Chelsea said...

Oh, wow!!! I seriously miss having any sort of delicious ethnic food. My poor little Scottish village doesn't even have a good Thai place as far as I've been able to tell!

wananling said...

This makes me sooo hungry for real Chinese food -- I'm envious!