Monday, August 23, 2010

a delicious late summer weekend

A highly refreshing Friday night cocktail at Franny's in Park Slope to welcome the weekend. Mmmm the Spicy Genevieve indeed!

A sticky Saturday on which I reap the rewards of Lucy's overenthusiastic farmers market shopping extravaganza.

My first ever rainy day barbeque. I expected disaster, but was proven wrong. Turns out friends + BBQ - sitting outside = cozy, candle lit, laughter filled, wine soaked fun. Who needs the sun anyway?

Freshly picked, rain-kissed, droplets of summer...

...a little touch of improvement : just add cheese.

A dip I've been making a lot lately : white beans, parsley, lemon juice, supertasty!

A delectable end to a dreamy weekend.

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Chelsea said...

Prosecco and wild celery?! Sounds so interesting!