Sunday, November 14, 2010

Counter Culture: Design and the Modern Kitchen at MoMA

A super cool, inspiring exhibit. Mom was in town, and we spent a good amount of her last day in New York soaking this stuff up. Built around a newly acquired "Frankfurt Kitchen", MoMA ran wild with the general concept of kitchen design in the 20th century and the result is a fun, funny, poignant and whimsical. The kitchen evokes thoughts of home, of holidays, cooking, heat, isolation, all the ups and downs of domesticity, and sensual pleasures of all sorts. The images and design pieces in the show does a lovely job capturing all of these things.
Here are a few of our favorites!

World War II era food posters encourage rationing and gardening. Other neato ones featured rabbits as the perfect war-time meat! Mom really loved the goat/sheep one made out of vegetables - "vegetabull".


A captivating photograph by Cindy Sherman. I couldn't take my eyes off it, but I'm not sure why.

Dramatic and somehow so relatable. It looks like a stressful moment, but she's still so glamorous.

For a total contrast, this next one is super sweet and domestic. At one point or another, we all are/have been/will be one or both of the people in this picture.

Crazy cool 3D "Still Life #30" by Tom Wesselmann.

The spread close-up. Mom said she used to eat 'Lite Diet' bread.

The show was educational too. For example, I learned that a toaster can be one sexy appliance.

Ex. A

Ex. B

Note the progression of the toast from ex. a to ex. b. Hot, literally.

Too totally awesome. Have I mentioned I love New York City?


Chelsea said...

I like that it took me two looks to figure out why the toaster was sexy.

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