Monday, November 29, 2010

Liquid Candy Cane

and Boozy to Boot!

I found the recipe on Martha - a great place to find cocktail recipes, by the by - and made one last year. Why didn't I make more? I haven't a clue. The Candy Cane is a simple simple simple drink that tastes like this :

And turns out like this - all dressed up for a Christmas music filled, tinsel-y, pine scented cocktail party!

(photo courtesy of but mine looked like that too! until I drank it up of course...)

Her recipe calls for store bought Strawberry Vodka which I find to be frankly shocking. I just infused some vodka that we had in our freezer (cheap cheap cheap bottom shelf stuff left over from a party) and let it sit with some sliced up strawberries for a couple of days. Much more cost-effective, and probably tastier, too. I also didn't have cranberry juice lying around so I just thinned some ginger-orange cranberry sauce left over from Thanksgiving! Yum. You could just use cranberry juice, though, I'm sure it'd still be super delish!

1 shot strawberry vodka
1/2 shot white creme de menthe (or peppermint schnapps)
1 tsp ish cranberry sauce thinned with just a tinge of water

Give it a good shake with lots of ice (I let mine sit with the ice a bit to get a little watered down and nice and icy). Pour into a cocktail glass, ideally with a candy cane-ed rim. Best enjoyed at a fancy Christmas party, or watching a super duper Christmas-y movie like my personal faves "Elf" and "White Christmas".

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Chelsea said...

You are so adorably awesome! I love this and I love Christmas! (Oh, and I miss watching White Christmas with you and your mom.)