Friday, August 5, 2011

Perks Chapter 2!

This week's score : Taken Cabernet Sauvignon, 2008, Napa Valley
(already opened so we just had to drink it right away tonight)

First impressions? Deep deep bloody purple, it even looks heavy.

Smells awesome - perfume-y, woody, rich. herbal even? Stewed prunes and pine and simmering bing cherries.

Drinking it (immediately and asap) its texture is the most striking thing. Oily, almost chewy and very pleasantly tannic. Spicy finish, it's really winter-y but I'm very into it on this cool-for-New-York-in-August day.

Verdict : YUM!

And now we google it to see if I'd buy it ....

oooo ! It's a $30 bottle. Well yes, I'd buy it. Actually that sounds like a really fair price, it's a delicious, full wine, and very true to the varietal. Ok I'm sounding snobby and gross now so just I guess if you have $30 to spend on a bottle, this is not a bad way to spend it!

In other news, scenes from work!

The beer cart, coming around to 'get rid of all the beer because we have too much' in the booze room. Yes a beer placed on your desk at 5pm is just another perk. I'll take it!

And the way that our mail room looks at 6pm on a Friday night - it becomes a help-yourself prosecco tasting station. Not so pretty but a GREAT idea, no?

and a pretty scene from the walk home! spontaneous sand art in Washington Square Park! Excellent weekend treat.

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Chelsea said...

Mmmm, that sounds perfect for the wretched summer we are having over here. I'm ready for fall and winter drinking!