Monday, August 8, 2011

Why Yelp Is Awesome

Sure, it's tempting to say that Yelp sucks because in so many ways it does! Dubious business practices, shady synergistic relationships with the 'unbaisedly' reviewed restaurants and bars on their site, generally creating buzz often about formerly awesome places that because of yelp become overcrowded and stupidly busy/impossible to enjoy. It's a morally ambiguous site that ruins once-awesome hangouts. Yes, ok, granted.

HOWEVER, the witticisms, the gems, the WORDS people. Unpublishables have a home at yelp, where aspiring gourmands can anonymously and lightheartedly pontificate about their favorite gustatory joys and gleefully BASH any establishment that dared to give them less-than-stellar service. I've started a little collection of some of my favorite phrases and opinions, and I'd like to share them with you - a little piece of Monday morning candy to take the edge off. I find that these particular starlight mints are best enjoyed out of context, but if you just HAVE to know more about the person/place, let me know and I'll fill you in.

In the meantime, unwrap and enjoy!

Droplets Of Wisdom from

"Let me just first say that I love rum...I'm basically a rum connoisseur."

"Will I be back? Yeah, probably, if you want to hear some good music while creepily grinding up against random girls, there are worse places to do it."

"this place is a toilet."

"As far as cocktails themselves, both were finely made, leaving very sophisticated after taste. This is probably where I see they use most ingredients to create cocktails."

"The best way to have a very New York experience is to live in the city and discover secret places"

Great stuff, huh?

And here you go, a refreshing palate cleanser as seen on my morning stroll this morning. He doesn't need to yelp, he just speaks his mind by wearing a sign on his head ;

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