Friday, December 16, 2011


Ok, so I will admit just right off the bat : these Christmas cookies are a little (a lot) SandraLeeSemiHomemade-ish. But they are incredibly adorable, and as obviously a once-a-year highly processed indulgence, I think they are a-ok.

Easy as pie, they are all fun and festive and zero mess or hassle. They're totally awesome! You really don't need a recipe, all you do it melt some white chocolate and dip nutter butters in it. Decorate. Repeat. Heck, I don't even recommend that you eat them!

See, I even committed the cardinal sin of chocolate - I put them in the fridge! Then again, white chocolate is considered by many to be the cardinal sin of chocolate, so maybe it's a wash.

All I know is they're adorable and bursting with Christmas Cheer. Maybe you might eat one, it'd taste pretty good with some whiskey-d up egg nog....

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Chelsea said...

I LOVE THESE! And your exposed brick wall(s). Sadly, we do not have nutter butters in this country...or CANDY CANES. So tragic.