Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Thanksgiving, last minute, with friends. Macy's parade, coffee, turkey prep (David's handiwork), long walk...

Excellent wine (thanks Morgan!)

Low key, tasty, fun.

gingerbread cookies with Jessica + boatloads of Christmas music, after a bloody mary & a trip to the Lower East Side's infamous jungle of sugar, Economy Candy...

CANDY destined to become little gingerbread men buttons and cookie tree lights.

We had a christmas party! It was very necessary to have a party this year of all years. A bad year calls for a really good party, so I decorated my heart out, as best I could.

Made plenty of food, with reckless disregard for health or moderation.

Those cookies again! They were gleefully devoured, much to my - and I'd venture the cookies as well - great delight.

I would have taken a picture of the vat of velveeta dip on the stove but it was sort of hard to get a good picture with all the people constantly crowding around it/ having velveeta dip fights...David and Stephen I am looking at you.

But all was quickly forgiven. After all, there was plenty velveeta to go around, as is always the case with cheese products at Miranda&David hosted events.

OH! And I made Mai Tais, from SCRATCH! Which means I spent a large portion of the afternoon juicing limes! I'd complain, but this is what underemployment means - and I accept that. Plus they smelled really really good.

I encouraged people to take drink umbrellas. I believe that drink umbrellas are a really essential element of a Good Party. They're so cheap they're almost free, and they are absolutely no work at all to put out. They're INSTANTLY festive and make people happy. They are a must, in my opinion. Lots of partybang for your buck. Umbrellas!

Final Product!


So I messed around a bit with a few different recipes and ended up with these proportions :

Miranda's Mele Kalikimaka Mai Tai!

2 parts Rum
1 part Lime Juice
1/2 part almond syrup (I just put a little bit of almond extract in simple syrup)
1/2 part cointreau
1/4 + part Orange Juice (to taste)

i don't need to tell you that this is a strong drink, as are all properly made tiki drinks, so FILL those cups with lots of crushed up ice. Enjoy!

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Chelsea said...

I LOVE ALL OF THIS! And I want to come to a Miranda&David party! Someday!