Monday, September 7, 2009


Shake shack shake shack shake shack! I'd like to thank the fine folks over at Ed Levine's mahhhhvelous website, Serious Eats, for informing me of the fact that the Upper West Side outpost of the Shake Shack was serving up this Labor Day treat :

That's right, the Most Delicious Corn Dog You Have Ever Had. I ordered with guilt-free abandon as we had trekked all the way across the Brooklyn Bridge this morning in our Lazy day wanderings. Mmmm I love my new home.

During and after the blissful ingestion, I could be heard mumbling 'Perfect Ratio, Perfect Ratio', which pretty much sums up the experience. Really nice ratio of beefy, seasony hot dog + crispy on the outside, slightly creamy corny on the inside shell = Happy Me.

A few bites of the unbeatable classic rounded out this perfect Labor day repast.

Thanks, D. You're the best, even if I only got one bite.

School starts tomorrow, and I'm feeling quite fortified! Cheers!


Chelsea said...

Man, I love corn dogs. Remember the pepperoni sticks followed by cheese? Perfect ratio :)

Good luck with classes tomorrow - I can only imagine that you will be fabulous!

wananling said...

Makes me want to go to New York -- which I will soon! We have corn dogs here in Ohio, too...