Sunday, September 27, 2009

A lot all at once

Between school and work I am totally fried.Things will surely be better soon, as I'll likely be quitting said job tomorrow (details to come pending coherency) which I know sounds sad and drastic is actually something I've found enlightening and even quite empowering!!

However, I do still love you little blog, and have thought of you often! See, here's photographic evidence!

Firstly, I was here:

having the first Pumpkin Ale of the season, a little pick me up before class...

with this guy:

Wondering how you become fabulous enough to live here:

So much to think about! We're getting more settled by the day and though much is not perfect, I finally have a kitchen I can really cook in. To celebrate, I procured myself a little bit of a treat, namely these lovelies:

and I chopped them up with my fancy pink knives and turned them into this:

topped with this:

and there you have it! I got more pleasure out of that simple act then any meal out we've had yet, even Shake Shack!! (which as you saw is saying a lot!)

Well, sorry to be of so few words, graduate school seems to demand most of my word-use ability these days, but once I get in the swing of things, watch out!! I'll be back in force, NYC style!

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Chelsea said...

Yay! Blogging! And pictures!

I totally understand the sucking pool of grad school, and I laud your decision to quit any job that makes you miserable at such an exciting time. You'll find something better! And in the meantime, you'll be happy and cooking!