Wednesday, November 25, 2009


1 14 lb Free Range Fresh Turkey

2 pans of stuffing, one sausage, one veg.

1 pumpkin pie, tucked away in the fridge.

2 big bags of frozen green beans, 2 cans Campbells cream of mushroom soup. A classic waiting to be recalled.

Home made cranberry sauce, already in its serving dish, tart and zest-packed.

6 lbs yukon golds, 5lbs sweet potatoes, straight from the Union Sq. Market (thanks Jay!)

10 people ready to come fill our apartment with happy holiday noises, hour after glorious hour.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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Chelsea said...

Yay! You're so prepared. It's the morning of and I still need to bake my darn pies. Hahahhaa. But my turkey/dinner party is much smaller, so I think I'll be okay.

Happy Thanksgiving to you :)