Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Hurricane Report

Preparation, Bunkering Down, Aftermath. A Photo Essay.

Friday, 3pm. Raiding the wine room, Morgan trollies through the office, aiding fellow Food & Wine worker bees in their last minute preparations and saving them a trip to the liquor store.

A last minute Saturday morning jaunt/supply run around the East Village leaves us well stocked and prepared to bunker down.

A long night. Many movies. Too many potato chips. Far more Anderson Cooper than is healthy - which is to say any at all. NY1 and the soothing sounds of crazy New Yorkers calling in to complain. Sleep comes around 3am.

9am - Bloomburg has tweeted "The eye of the storm is upon us. The worst of the storm is here. Do not go outside." or some such nonsense. It appears to be simply drizzling. I go back to sleep.

A 12pm walkabout. People begin to trickle out of their buildings, the city awakens, and it is thirsty. Many bars kindly accommodate.

We survived Hurricane Irene (such as it was)! Lucien is open and brunch is on the way! A toast was certainly in order!

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Chelsea said...

Haha. I love that it was mostly just a great excuse to "hunker down" with booze, food, and movies. Excellent :)