Monday, October 12, 2009


So yesterday was VERY boring and difficult because David and I decided to go on a little 24 hour cleanse. Well. . . I thought it sounded like a good idea and then David, sweet, wonderful, dream boyfriend that he is cheerfully said that he'd do it with me. I am a fan of Mireille Guiliano's snobby-fab bible, French Women Don't Get Fat, and I must admit that I have occasionally found solace in the Miracle Leek Soup weekend that she suggests as a way to 'reset' one's system.

Since moving to New York, we've basically been living on Bagels and Cream Cheese from our local (amazing!) bagel shop, the aptly named La Bagel Delight and pizza slices from anywhere and everywhere. Essentially bread and cheese with some more bread and cheese in case round one wasn't enough. Sooo what I'm saying is that I finally found out what happens to your body when that's all you eat, and it's not as great as I'd hoped. One word: bloat. Eww.

Well, the leek "soup" worked it's magic (mostly, still not prefect, but let's be honest, after a day of broth, I got hungry), so tonight David and I feasted! Today was also my first official day at my FAB new job as a Hostess, so there was much to toast at our first REAL honest sit-down restaurant dinner since arriving in New York!

Blue Ribbon Brasserie is Seafood PARADISE! And it's a pleasant 4 block stroll from our humble abode, basically it's the awesomest thing ever! It's also kind of dark in there so I only got one picture, but you get the idea- candles, a carafe of Bourdeaux, calamari pan-fried in BROWN BUTTER and parsley (and may I say, gush and melt and heaven heavenly), not to mention this little beauty...

...of course by little, I mean so incredibly ginormous that David and I took half of it home. HALF! Have you met us! Loaded with big, tender clams, mussels, squid, shrimp and spicy sausages, it was a steal at $32.

Celebrating on a Monday night, I love it so! Cheers my loves!


wananling said...

I love the idea of celebrating Monday night! And the food looked really delicious. Take me there!!

Chelsea said...

Mmmmm...I love the trajectory of this post. From fasting (practically) to celebratory feasting, haha! Congrats again on the new job, and please eat some extra delicious NYC food for me.

Can you believe I still haven't had haggis?