Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday Night is Spaghetti Night!

At least tonight it was! See...

Mmmm, pretty much hit the spot. I'm not going to bother to pass on the recipe, though, because tasty though they were, David and I agree that we're still on the hunt for the Greatest Ever Meatballs. Plus, they were kind of a lot of work and made LOTS of dishes, which always effects the tasty-ness scale. Oh and btw, don't worry, those white blobs are just melty mozzarella!

To commemorate all our hard work-- and to toast our 2nd month in NYC anniversary-- we treated ourselves to a yummy yummy wine that wasn't Chuck Shaw! Nice!

Well, Happy Halloween Everyone! We're having a little party, what are you doing?

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Chelsea said...

Mmmmm...I love meatballs! And big chunks of mozzarella in my pasta! I just woke up, but that still looks tasty.