Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Inspiration on a cold day


Today I had the lovely lovely pleasure of wandering around 5th ave with my mother's best friend from Wellesley, the Lovely Laura! She is a former curator at MoMA and an total art junkie. I'm embarrassed to admit I haven't been to a gallery since moving the NYC (judge away!).

I realized only after meeting up with her that Laura just assumed that we'd spend the afternoon visiting galleries and generally soaking up the city-- she's lived here for forty years and she's a city-soaking pro. But for once in my life, I actually knew of a show that I was dying to see! PLUS it closes on Friday so it was rawther urgent AND it was just a few blocks away at the terrific Edwynn Houk Gallery!

So, we headed that way, stopping at other galleries just twice along the way to blow my mind with amazing modern art at every turn. I'm 25 and I should really know this by now but the galleries are really works of art in themselves- shining and scared, they hide up in seemingly heartless buildings. Ring the poorly marked buzzer, and ride the elevator up with faith, a quiet sort of thrill awaits you.

After a little of this (captivating paintings by nine artists who were active in the 1950's abstract impressionist movement), and a brief bit of that (pop-ish paintings by Kikuo Saito), we arrived at the Houk gallery and I saw Paris in the 30's at last!

An image is worth a thousand words...

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Chelsea said...

I can't think of a better way to spend a cold day...well, I suppose I can think of "better" ways (say, with a cocktail or some warming foods) but certainly not a more engaging/visually stimulating way!