Thursday, October 1, 2009

Miranda & Maison & Magnolia, Oh My!

Calming, isn't it? I just hope you appreciate how impossible it was for me to narrow these pictures down. Lesson of the day (which I suppose I of all people should have already known!):

Chocolate is Beauty.

Following a brief (and unfortunately rawther early) foray into DUMBO, my current favorite 'hood here in the BK for what should be OBVIOUS reasons, David and I felt the need for a little play time in the city! Hmm, but what's the perfect short but so satisfying adventure?

La Maison du Chocolat of COURSE!!

Very New York and glamorous, La Maison is tres chic and tres luxurious. You sort of simply must take a petit bite. . .ChocoCarnage! Sacre Bleu!

Mmmm, tres shiny!

When at La Maison, it is important to allow oneself time to take in every last detail and read every last petit label. Ask questions, but if you know what's good for you I'd steer clear of price issues- c'est TRES gauche. This is a treat, so just . . .

...drink it up and don't worry your pretty little head. Chocolates, like cheese and wine, are an everyday luxury and isn't it that so lovely of them?

Oh yes, and then it's often a good idea to follow up La Maison with a little jaunt to Magnolia Bakery for a 75 cent palate cleanser of all-American goodness.

They're even better than they look. Oh YES. Peanut Buttery goodness. YES.

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Chelsea said...

OK. I loooove the pictures and am drooling - but I have to say...

The first one looks a teeny, tiny bit like a turd :)